The Best Social Media Advice I learned from GaryVee

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Recently I stumbled upon a clip from one of Gary Vaynerchuck’s speeches. Though it was an older speech, throughout the clip GaryVee (who uses this moniker on social media) captivated me as I watched. GaryVee has a phrase that demonstrates the marketplace that is now social media. He refers to “day trading attention,” via email, Facebook and Twitter, or most recently, Instagram.

I love this phrase! To unpack it further, I’ll use Gary’s own words before I give my take.

In GaryVee’s world: You don’t overspend on what everybody believes is tried and true…You have to find angles [and] what’s under-priced.”

For me: While you can’t always find the ‘next big thing,’ there is room to operate on the edges. Which could mean using your existing social media in novel ways, or meeting the unique needs of your audience.

Take Facebook and LinkedIn as examples, where we’ve seen a decrease in organic reach for posts. Those who jumped headfirst into optimizing video for Facebook have experienced high returns on their investments. The same is happening currently on LinkedIn. Essentially, Gary found underutilized channels to maximize returns. It’s so simple it hurts.

You might be asking, “Well how’s this supposed to help me Bas?” I’ll tell you right now. Well, really Gary will, but don’t worry I’ll throw in my unsolicited advice.

Gary believes that B2B people are undervaluing the power of content. Quite literally, he says,

“It is STUNNING to me how many B2B businesses here do not understand that producing articles… and then spending $100 in ads against employees of the company that you’re trying to reach!”

Enjoying that sting yet? I thought so.

All jokes aside, what Gary is saying is spot on with what others in the space are saying. Take a look at what someone wrote in this article. Think that it sucks that you have pay to get your content in someone’s hands? Well it does, but you know what sucks worse? No customers. While some may think that ads are a waste of time, GaryVee understands that these ads are currently undervalued in the marketplace. In fact, he states, “Facebook ads are… under-priced because people in this room still debate what the ROI is.” I will be the first to admit that even a year ago I would want to stay away from the ads. Now, even in a world with ad blockers and revised ad standards, I have seen the light.

The ads work. Point blank. Show me a case where they do not work, and I’ll show you a poorly managed campaign/strategy, or bad creative.

Unfortunately for some, Gary talks about another mistake people may make in this area. Dismissing Facebook ads all together without even testing the technology. They’ve made assumptions about “audience” and “reach,” and as Gary says, “read too many headlines” (he’s not wrong). But don’t worry, there is a way out.

Just do the darn thing!

Write an article that provides real value to target audience, and then spend the ad money to boost its reach. Facebook, as you may have guessed, has a ton of options for targeting certain affinity groups. Test it out and let me know how it goes.

The final nugget of truth that GaryVee leaves in this clip is the fact that you should “decide that you’re a media company and… bring people value instead of selling them something.” Merely produce content that generates benefits. This could be with regards to time, value, or the overall experience. If you want to review a step by step example, you can listen to Vaynerchuck’s final minutes of the clip here.

I know this may sound confusing, it seems this way because it’s new, not necessarily difficult. You’ll still have to put in work don’t get me wrong, but if you follow Gary’s advice, you will put yourself in a position to win.

Speaking of win, if you’d like to win YOUR social media game, make sure to get in touch.

Originally published at on March 23, 2018.

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