Random Thoughts on Productivity — Sept. 29, 2021


Hi there,

Before I start, I just want to say thank you to those who had so many positive things to say about my piece a couple of weeks back. I appreciate the feedback, positive and negative, so keep it coming! Now jumping into it…

It’s funny how setbacks will come and find you as soon as you start having success.

In my own life, I felt like I was at an optimal and productive place. Little did I know it was actually a peak, and I was soon to hit a wall. A few areas of my life that usually feel secure and organized fell somewhat to the wayside. But that’s okay.

If this was the case a couple of years, this lapse in productivity might have me fully bent out of shape, but now, not so much (don’t get me wrong, I do feel some twinge of regret, but that’s a different email). For me, while I would love to keep myself accountable, I also have to remember that a) I’m not a machine, I’m only human and b) just because society might make it seem like everyone’s working 24/7, that is definitely not the case.

When I think about 2021, in many ways I have no choice but to laugh at the fact that many have had to re-learn these simple facts. As businesses reopened, people tried to return their way of life not realizing that their way, and pace of life, was unsustainable the whole time.

A question that I keep going back to is “Who are you without the doing?” From author and podcast host, Jocelyn K. Glei, I think the question is a poignant reminder that we don’t always need to be doing to just, be.

Even better — sometimes doing nothing is more productive in the long run.


SHORT On Slow Productivity and the Anti-Busyness Revolution [Cal Newport]
Whenever I see a piece written by Cal, I share it — he’s that smart. Albeit a short treatise about pushing back against the wave of hyper-capitalist and hyper-consumerist with the notion of being NOT busy, Cal frames the scene perfectly. He touches upon the idea of a slow productivity revolution, one in which redefines what it means to be productive. While his thoughts aren’t fully fleshed out, I’m sure we’ll see this in an upcoming work of his very soon, but for now, offers one more to ponder.

LONG Want to Break Free of the Cult of Productivity? 4 Books to Embrace the Art of Being Less Busy [Inc]
This listicle provides some solid recommendations on books that challenge the notion that we have to be productive to matter. Coincidentally, Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism makes it onto the list. If you’re like me and looking for some books to round out your reading goals for the year, then look no further.

A Picture…

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As always, I’m always looking for better ways to do things, so let me know your thoughts. In the meantime…

Live, Laugh, and Learn.

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I get paid to write and speak words. MKTG and life advice. Want more? Go here: www.basjackson.com

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Basil Jackson

Basil Jackson

I get paid to write and speak words. MKTG and life advice. Want more? Go here: www.basjackson.com

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