Random Thoughts on Inspiration — Oct. 18, 2021


Hi there,

Another couple of weeks, another look inside the rantings and ramblings of yours truly…

As I sat writing this in the city that never sleeps, New York, I was drawn to a topic my partner suggested I write about: Inspiration.

At first, I was somewhat apprehensive, as I believe that when you discuss the idea of inspiration with regards to productivity things can get tricky.

Some people would argue that you need to be inspired to produce great work, while others posit that by starting to do the work you’ll soon be inspired. For myself, I was once a believer in the former, but I find myself transitioning to agree with those who believe in the latter.

I see it myself — in thinking about the podcast I started last year, this was an endeavor that I would say is engaging and inspiring at many levels. However, I could not find the will in me to get energized about the work. It was not until I had the “opportunity” to focus on and get started on the podcast’s foundation did the project seem manageable and I was able to find the motivation/inspiration needed to keep me going.

So while I think the advice to follow your inspiration can be valuable at times, I think it should be tweaked a little:

Follow the work, it’ll lead you to your inspiration.


SHORT The Difference Between Motivation & Inspiration [Ron Prasad]
In this short piece, Ron presents his case for what he sees are the differences between motivation and inspiration. To keep it simple, Ron states that inspiration is an internal state that drives someone, whereas motivation is found in external motives and incentives. There’s some nuance in between, but believe this short read serves as a nice piece to springboard thought on the relationship between one’s self and inspiration.

LONG Why Inspiration Matters [Harvard Business Review]
Written by someone who I regard as one of the foremost researchers in the science of creativity, Scott Barry Kaufman, this article makes a solid case for why inspiration is needed for progress. Relating to the research of a few other positive psychologists as well as his own, Scott’s article is a great reminder as to why we need to stockpile resources for inspiration to achieve great results.

A Picture…

Photo from Casey Horner

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As always, I’m always looking for better ways to do things, so let me know your thoughts. In the meantime…

Live, Laugh, and Learn.

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I get paid to write and speak words. MKTG and life advice. Want more? Go here: www.basjackson.com

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Basil Jackson

Basil Jackson

I get paid to write and speak words. MKTG and life advice. Want more? Go here: www.basjackson.com

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