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photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

With everything going on in the world (2020 amiright?), it seems that people have forgotten how to slow down. Though some have different ideas about what it means to create space, doing so can be a great way to take pause and allow yourself to live your best life. I’d argue that creating space might be the single-most-important thing you can do for yourself this year. And I’m going to explain how in a few simple steps.

Identify that You Need Space

Just like the “12-Step Plan”, the first step to recovery is admitting that there’s something wrong. To create space for yourself, first, you have to identify that space is needed at all. Whether it’s work, your home life, or something else, if you notice feelings of burnout or stress rising to unmanageable levels, then it might be time to separate. …

Stop being afraid of failure. Learn to live with failure and start living your best life.

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Photo by Akira Hojo on Unsplash

Especially in today’s content-loaded world, you see a lot of people talk about how to avoid living like a failure. There’s this article talking about habits that will guarantee your demise.

There’s also this one that outlines the crucial mistakes people make throughout life.

My personal favorite, however, is this Medium post, solely because of the pictures used (seriously, go check it out, after you finish reading this piece).

All of these articles are good, but I think it’s time we flip the problem on its head. Let’s learn to live with our failures instead of trying to avoid them.

Here are a few ways to start living with your failure, and by extension, start living your best life. …

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Yeah, I know it’s a pretty cool pic, huh?

*Record scratch* Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got here.

See, I never saw myself as a “podcast host” type of guy. Sure I enjoy listening to podcasts, but putting myself behind the mic trying to entertain people every week for about 15–50 minutes? Yeah, count me out. Don’t even get me started on the newsletter part — it takes all the concentration in the world to write this paragraph without having a typo in it!

It started as an ‘interview series’ (I wouldn’t dare call it a podcast). Several of my friends from high school and college were becoming successful and I wanted to learn how. So I did what any responsible Millenial would do, I decided to interview them. …

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As I sit here typing away at the keyboard, I have this question pounding away at me.
Why am I doing this? What’s the endgame here?

Before I go on, I may need to explain what this is. I am embarking on a journey to document my experiences and that of others in their 20s trying to figure out the best way to live their lives. I don’t know what I’ll discover, or if I’ll discover anything, but I do know that I will share a story that I don’t see told too often. …

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Recently I stumbled upon a clip from one of Gary Vaynerchuck’s speeches. Though it was an older speech, throughout the clip GaryVee (who uses this moniker on social media) captivated me as I watched. GaryVee has a phrase that demonstrates the marketplace that is now social media. He refers to “day trading attention,” via email, Facebook and Twitter, or most recently, Instagram.

I love this phrase! To unpack it further, I’ll use Gary’s own words before I give my take.

In GaryVee’s world: “You don’t overspend on what everybody believes is tried and true…You have to find angles [and] what’s under-priced.” …

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(Photos courtesy of Huffington Post and Shutterstock)

So I’m going to digress a bit…

The year is early 2000-and-something, and I’m visiting family for the summer down in Clearwater, Florida. As some may know, Clearwater sits right on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Lucky for them, my family’s house sits right on the outlet to said Gulf.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — what the HECK does this have to do with Instagram??? Just trust me and you’ll see the metaphor soon.

While I’m there, my cousin decides to go fishing on the edge of the dock, and being a kid, I decide to follow him and watch. But there’s one problem; I don’t know how to swim yet. …

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So if you’re like me, you’ve been hearing a lot about chatbots. Also, like me, you’ve probably been skeptical — your first thoughts forming a picture of Terminator, or Her (Scarlett Johansson please marry me). To be honest, that’s perfectly reasonable, though Mark Zuckerberg might have something else to say about that.

I won’t get into the debate about artificial intelligence here (that’s an entirely different article, or Elon Musk’s next book). Today, I want to talk about chatbots, especially because the hype train has fully left the station. …

Okay, so for whatever reason, you ignored your friends’ and colleagues’ advice and you went solo for your social media production. Great, no sweat off my back (even though I know I would have done a great job on your project). And you’re doing okay too… that is until you realized that you don’t really know the first thing when it comes to social media. [Insert funny picture of someone drowning in responsibility/problems].

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Pokemon is still cool right?

Sure, you might know social media, but do you know social media. Yeah I didn’t think so. But that’s okay, I’m here to help. Hi there — my name’s Basil, and I do social media for a living. While I cannot and will not claim that I know everything, I’ve picked up a thing or two. Whether it be through the “pure osmosis” that occurs from being in the field, or the insane amount of social media news/articles that I consume daily, I would say I’ve acquired a good deal of knowledge for someone my age. And with that knowledge I can tell you that if you don’t do social media on a regular basis, you should just go ahead and pay someone else. …

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We’ve all seen the news about layoffs and speculation that SoundCloud may be closing its doors sooner rather than later. For most, this doesn’t come as a total shock (Type in “soundcloud alternative” or “soundcloud shutdown” in a search engine and you’ll see this has been the case for some time). But still the question remains, if there is a SoundCloud shutdown in the future, what does that mean for creatives that interact with the service.

Looking at how we got here in the first place, SoundCloud has been a haven for the underground scene. Though the media has talked at length about the rise of “SoundCloud Rap,” I believe that musicians across many genres have greatly benefited from the accessibility that the site provides — and yet this doesn’t fully help SoundCloud’s bottom line. In a recent New York Mag article, Brian Feldman outlines that while the horde of independent artists may drive users to the site, SoundCloud can only survive financially by offering the most popular major artists. …


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